How to Become a Professional Travel Photographer

Many photographers see the likes of Steve McCurry and Sebastião Salgado and want the same lifestyle as a travel photographer. It is an attractive position. It means you get to travel and capture art at the same time. This is one photography genre that looks easy, yet you can find many obstacles. Read below for the best tips […] Read More

Close Up Portrait Photography Tips

Taking close up portraits of people in an intimate setting can get awkward if you don’t know how to approach the genre. We’ve put together this list of close-up portrait photography tips to make your life easier. You can make your models feel comfortable and take amazing photos at the same time. In close-up photography, […] Read More

How to Use a Polarizing Filter to Improve Your Exposure

So you’re here because you have no idea what a polarizing filter is. Or you have one, but have no idea how to use it, and what for.You’re in the right place. We won’t only tell you what a polarizing filter does, but how to use it to get the best from your photographs. Why You […] Read More

Best Techniques for Shooting Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photography has a dramatic and mysterious atmosphere. You might have wondered, how other photographers take breathtaking silhouette photos. In this article, I’ll let you in on the secret tips to creating spectacular silhouette photography. Once you understand the basic techniques, challenging lighting conditions become photographic opportunities. What Is Silhouette Photography? A silhouette is created by a […] Read More

Apple earnings Q4 2019: Tim Cook says health will be

Huge wearables growth and strong figures for services and iPad set new records. Apple’s quarterly earnings calls have fallen into a predictable pattern for the past year or two: iPhone revenues are declining year-over-year, and the Mac mostly remains stagnant, but all of Apple’s other businesses—wearables and services most notably—are ballooning. That was the case […] Read More

Nest Wi-Fi is a big improvement over Google Wi-Fi. But

Nest Wi-Fi’s strength is doing many things well, not doing one thing the best. Google says its new Nest Wi-Fi isn’t just Google Wi-Fi plus a smart speaker—it’s new, improved, and with better coverage. This is good news—despite the impressive sales numbers Google says it has for the original Google Wi-Fi, the product never ranked […] Read More

Microsoft’s Project Silica offers robust thousand-year storage

Project Silica extends storage reliability goals from “decades” to “centuries.” Ars spoke Tuesday with Dr. Ant Rowstron, a principal researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK, about an innovative cold storage project called Silica. Silica aims to replace both tape and optical archival discs as the media of choice for large-scale, (very) long duration cold storage. Microsoft […] Read More

Mavic Mini : Everything You Need to Know

DJI’s latest drone is its lightest and smallest model ever. The foldable Mavic Mini weighs in at just 249 grams, and comes with a bunch of features designed to make drone flying and aerial photography fun and accessible to everyone, without skimping on quality. And it’s so small that you needn’t bother getting FAA registration for it, either. The […] Read More