Artist Interprets the “Energy of Life” as Mesmerizingly Iridescent Wall

Fueled by the “energy of life,” Lyès-Olivier Sidhoum—known simply as Lyès—crafts conceptual art with a celestial spin. In his collection of modern wall sculptures, the French artist interprets this invisible energy as iridescent discs that capture the magic of materiality and illustrate Lyès’ boundless creativity. Deemed Celestial Sculptures, these reflective works transport viewers to alternate dimensions. Ranging in […] Read More

Immersive Exhibition in New York Sends Powerful Message About the

Throughout history, art has been used to help educate the public about pressing social and environmental issues while also providing a creative escape. Continuing in that tradition, experiential designer Valentino Vettori—together with twelve leading environmental artists—has created an immersive experience that sends an important message about the state of our planet. Arcadia Earth is a sprawling exhibition […] Read More

How Alphonse Mucha’s Sinuous Art Nouveau Posters Elevated Printmaking as

At the end of the 19th century, a movement of “new art” swept through Europe. Characterized by an interest in stylistically reinterpreting the beauty of nature, artists from across the continent adopted and adapted this avant-garde style. As a result, it materialized in sub-movements like the Vienna Secession in Austria, Modernisme in Spain, and, most prominently, Art Nouveau in France. The French […] Read More

Delicate Nature Collages Held Together by Thread Reflect a Time

Collage artist Jennifer Murphy is inspired by interconnectedness. While this interest informs much of her work, it is particularly evident in The Shadow of Sirius, a series of delicate nature collages comprising flora and fauna cut-outs held together by thread. “Wedding the specimens of the naturalist with the visions of the fantasist,” these eye-catching pieces explore our real-life […] Read More

10 Best Drawing Tablets to Unleash Your Creativity

Whether you are an artist, graphic designer, or architect, a drawing tablet is an essential tool in this digital age. Allowing you to quickly transfer digital drawings into articulated masterpieces, they are a must for any creative professional and can allow hobbyists to take their digital art to the next level. Figuring out the best […] Read More

This App Helps You Find the Perfect Artist to Create

here’s something magical about commissioning a piece of art. From selecting the perfect artist to collaborating on a concept, it’s an incredibly intimate experience that results in something extremely meaningful. From Michelangelo to Monet, great artists throughout history have thrived through art commissions, but how does one get started in approaching an artist about creating […] Read More

6 Different Ways to Capture the Essence of a City

Outdoor photography isn’t all picturesque mountains and dreamy lakes. Most of the world we wander is cities, and they’ve got their own natural beauty too. Here’s how to make the best of ’em. 1. Elevate yourself Got a helicopter? You’re in luck! But if you don’t, that’s great too. There’s probably a tall building or two in […] Read More

25 Ways to Up Your Camera Game if You’re Shooting

You’ve just unboxed your brand-spanking fresh DSLR, and all you want to do is start playing with the new toy. You can’t wait to take your shooting skills to the next level. But here’s a small piece of advice: Glance through these 25 super important tips first. They’ll radically improve your Nikon camera experience — […] Read More

All the Wedding Photography Gear You Need to Shoot the

Getting hired to shoot a wedding means your clients are trusting you to capture one of the most important days of their lives (no pressure or anything). When I was starting out as a wedding photographer, I was freaked out about not having everything I needed on hand. What if I had an equipment meltdown? What if the light was […] Read More

13 Baby Photography Ideas for Your Next Shoot

For a long time, I felt nervous whenever I got client inquiries about newborn or baby photography . But after gaining some experience over the years, I realized there’s no need to be intimidated. Creative baby photography doesn’t require specific props, lights or instructions. It requires heart, soul, patience, time and — most of all — imagination. Before shoots, I […] Read More